An award winning amateur artist, my life both in and out of work is centred around the great outdoors. I am lucky that I visit many lovely parts of the country during the course of my working week which fill me with ideas and inspiration, and when I'm not working I live in the lovely varied landscape of North Yorkshire!
From the pleasure of childhood (galloping through the woods on make believe ponies with my Mum) through the angst of growing up (stomping through puddles in a waterlogged field in a 'teenage' mood) to the highs and lows of adulthood (takeaway coffee on a rock at the beach) I have sought relaxation and refuge in the great outdoors. It might be an exhilarating walk over mountain tops, a paddle in whatever water can be found, or a potter in the greenhouse and garden (muddy fingernails!)
I use painting and photography to capture on paper and canvas those moments I love best. I am attracted to the light filtering through the trees, the mist over low ground on an autumn morning, the bright shaft of sunlight, the turquoise in the barrel of a wave. . .

I spend a great deal of time both walking and driving and whichever I am doing, my camera and sketchbook are never far away as I observe the landscape and soak up the details for later. The hardest part is driving on by places or views I really want to stop at - but can't because I'm on the clock of my 'real' job. I just have to store it up in my memory for another time.

In 2018 I have joined the 'Walk 1000 miles in 2018' challenge run by Country Walking magazine. This, in addition to it's great health benefits, is making sure that I get out there on a daily basis and keeping the creative juices flowing.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my website. I hope you have enjoyed the images, and will visit again soon to catch up with new images as they appear.